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Player Name: Jess
Player Journal: N/A
Age: 23
Contact: Firebenderjess on AIM or Plurk
Characters Played: Alastor, Margulis and Allen Ridgeley

Name: David Xanatos
Canon: Gargoyles
Canon Point: Immediately post The Journey
History: Have a wiki.
Personality: David is a complex man and a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. To the public, he appears to be a friendly, selfless man with perhaps a slightly too large ego. He seems to have a strong sense of morality and a willingness to stick his neck out for the greater good. This is, of course, exactly what he wants people to think.

Though genuinely affable and aware of the difference between right and wrong, he places everyone else far enough below himself in importance that he shows little regard for the effects of his actions on others. Though not actively malicious, he is largely selfish and self centered, not hesitating to deceive or betray people so long as it advances his own agenda. Nor is he afraid to get his own hands dirty, confronting his foes in person when necessary and accepting the idea that killing someone-or worse-might be the best course of action for him.

As much of his public image is forged, a large portion of it is honest. David is a distinct extrovert, enjoying the company of others even if he does regard them mostly as unimportant. While his sense of humor is often at others' expense, he can just as frequently be heard making a joke about the situation at large, a clever play on words or even a light quip at his own expense. Overall, his attitude toward most things in life is casual and laid back, even allowing him to take major defeats in stride and find the bright side to them, turning what at first seemed to be a total loss into a victory.

Despite his casual attitude toward vile acts and cheerful acceptance of his role as a villain, he is still, at his core, human and does possess some sense of honor. Though willing to kill, he takes no pleasure in it and avoids it where possible, even making temporary truces with his enemies to stop villains fouler than himself. While willing to betray, he repays debts he considers major and doesn't make a habit of outright breaking his word. And as self centered as he is, he is capable of love. In fact, the safety of his loved ones is the one thing he is genuinely willing to risk himself for despite his deeply rooted fear of dying and leaving his accomplishments behind to rot. Family are the only people he considers more important than himself.
Intelligence: By far, David's most powerful weapon is his own mind. He can outsmart almost (but not quite) everyone he's dealt with, arrange situations that have no disastrous outcome and, on top of that, is a mechanical genius working with technology decades ahead of his time.
Optimism: While his intelligence is his most powerful weapon, what makes David truly amazing and sets him apart from other schemers is his ability to find the silver lining in any situation. Even a total defeat turns into a learning experience, allowing him to take it completely in stride and move on without so much as a bruised ego.
Physical skill: Though an ordinary human, David has been shown to temporarily hold his own in combat against gargoyles strong enough to twist metal due to his skill in multiple styles of martial arts. Being solidly built on top of that, he's a strong fighter by human standards even without his powered armor.
Papa wolf: Hurt someone he really cares about and he will mess you up seven ways to Sunday.
Charisma: David has genuine people skills, making him good at networking and earning people's trust and confidence.
Lying through his teeth: He considers himself a human trickster, and as such has an impressive ability to come up with and sell stories on the spot. As he has no difference in demeanor while lying, it's incredibly difficult to tell the difference.
Seen it all: Having seen the impossible many times over, David is willing to believe that just about anything is possible and has even taken in stride encountering figures straight out of ancient myth.
Hubris: David's biggest weakness is his belief that he is without weaknesses. On those occasions where he manages to overreach himself and lose control of a situation, he's completely taken aback.
Obsessed: David's fear of death is so great that he's willing to make truly massive sacrifices in attempts to gain immortality and can be manipulated relatively easily by offering it.
Skewed morality: Because of David's strange sense of morality, he has some difficulty in making actual friends with ordinary people and only recently came to understand that others take his actions far more personally than he does.
Untrustworthy: His ability to keep people's trust depends entirely on their lack of awareness of his true nature. Once people have realized his deceptive tendencies, he doesn't even realize how hard it could be to regain their trust until he tries and fails.
Gargoyle shaped power armor, ponified
A nice suit
Tracking bugs/tracker
A penny that will not become a Bit
An expensive looking wallet
Pony/Animal Type: Earth pony who will want so bad to be an alicorn once he learns they're immortal.
Cutie Mark: A spider web made of electrical wiring.
Pony Picture:

First Person: An old post.
Third Person: David Xanatos had experienced many things in his life, from time travel to enchantments to the ire of the king of the fair folk himself. Even witnessing forced shapeshifting wasn't outside his experience. Maybe that was why, when his test flight after some maintenance work on his robotic suit brought him to a strange new town, in a strange new body, he took it in stride. Of course, learning to walk in this new body took a little bit of adjusting. Then he'd had to find somewhere to hide his suit. It would draw more attention than he frankly wanted if he was to be getting his bearings in an entirely new location. Then he'd set out to gather information.

Ponyville, a town in Equestria...an entirely different world from where he was from. It was fascinating. Of course, he'd already known about the possibility that alternate worlds existed. Granted, he'd never dreamed that they would be so wildly different, but the concept wasn't shocking. The part that really interested him was how common magic seemed to be here. Back home, his options for magic users had been...limited, particularly with Puck bound by Oberon's curse to only use his powers for Alex's lessons or protection. Here, it seemed, it was a regular commodity. The possibilities for that were endless...although naturally, his first thought was the many ways a man could become immortal with clever application of magic. But even with all the potential, he couldn't plan to dawdle here long...his family would be wondering where he was after a while, after all.


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